Trillium Engineering's growth and success can be attributed to the strategic relationships built within the competitive UAS market. By being placed on valued platforms, Trillium is pushed to diversify its product offering and solve new industry challenges.  

Textron Systems FTUAS HD95

Textron Systems

Textron Systems, best known for its innovative defense, government and aerospace technologies created the Aerosonde® to meet the US Army's Future Vertical Lift requirements. This small VTOL UAS is designed for expeditionary land- and sea-based operations and is runway independent through its Hybrid Quadrotor technology. Equipped with Trillium imaging systems onboard, the SUAS delivers day/night full-motion video, communications relay, and signals intelligence, for multi-mission operations in some of the world's most challenging environments.

Ghost with HD45 LV CZ GS Mid


Anduril Industries, a defense product company building technology for military agencies and border surveillance, continues to pioneer industry-leading AI advancements. Their Ghost, an AI-powered, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft, captures real-time intelligence, surveillance and multi-mission reconnaissance data with the Trillium HD45-LV-CZ-GZ. With up to 55 minutes of continuous flight, near-silent acoustics and quick, three-minute set-up by a single operator, the Ghost is built for soldiering purposes.

Stalker HD55 MV Landing cropped

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin, the global security and aerospace giant, continues to demonstrate their leadership in critical security advancements for our nation and allies. Among their accomplishments is the Stalker, an operationally proven small, silent, Group 2 UAS that provides unprecedented long-endurance imaging capabilities in a variety of contested environments. Hand-launched, portable, and used by Special Forces around the world, the Stalker VX and VXE both carry Trillium imaging systems onboard. Stabilized pan, tilt, zoom electro-optical, infrared, and low-light cameras with the ability to lock and track targets, makes Trillium an ideal partner for Lockheed's small UAS programs.

Vapor 35 HD45 LV CZ grass


AeroVironment, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Tactical Missile Systems, Unmanned Ground Vehicles used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Through our partnership, Trillium has placed camera systems on multiple AeroVironment UAS. From the light-weight HD45 used on the Vapor 55 (an all-electric helicopter), to the HD80 found on the JUMP® 20 (a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing aircraft), Trillium's unprecedented SWaP engineering continues to be chosen due to their ability to accommodate platforms of all sizes, without compromising performance.

V Bat HD80 VV 510 Irish Sea Take off

Shield AI - Martin UAV

Shield AI is a leader in defense-focused edge autonomy. They bring software, AI and aerospace engineering disciplines together to deploy intelligent aviation capabilities. Through their 2021 acquisition of Martin UAV they combined their expertise, with the V-BAT: a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft used in defense and private sector applications, such as search and rescue, firefighting, logistic resupply, energy and oil, and gas operations. With a Trillium camera system onboard, the V-BAT delivers data to on-the-ground response teams tasked with making mission-critical decisions.

Koios in Flight


Callen-Lenz Group develops and applies unmanned autonomous system technologies for both civilian and military clients—where functionality, availability and safety are imminent. Through their collaborative, multinational research and development efforts, Callen-Lenz works closely with clients to define, develop and deliver technical solutions that achieve their goals. A Trillium camera system has been placed onboard their Koios, a medium-sized S2 Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) platform that offers strategic Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

HD25 2000 unit Trillium Engineering

Albers Aerospace

Albers Aerospace is a group of retired service members and experienced workers who provide high-quality products and services directly to the nation’s military and in collaboration with other private contractors. To answer UAS and RPA training needs, Albers Aerospace developed the Sandstrom UAS, which has earned an FAA Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. Onboard this drone, you'll find a Trillium camera system that enables teams to train and test for for military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Argentech trillium hd45 1

Argentech Solutions

ArgenTech Solutions, internally-developed FireEye UAS with Trillium HD-45 EO/IR camera, provides real-time fire line visual and infrared mapping while checking for new fires caused by lightning. The use of UAS provides the fire service with a unique tool to help reduce the risk for manned aviation assets when visibility is severely degraded.

Overwatch Aero Trillium Engineering

Overwatch Aero

Overwatch Aero provides real-time persistent intelligence utilizing a fleet of long-endurance unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in support of emergency responders, non-governmental organizations, and commercial operators. Through this partnership, Trillium camera systems have provided emergency response teams with timely and impactful intelligence to make critical decisions.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department uses the Trillium HD80-LV onboard the Overwatch Aero Type 1 UAS to aid their wildland fire emergency management efforts.


Precision Integrated Programs

Precision Integrated Programs has been providing a diverse set of service capabilities in the aerospace industry for over 35 years. From intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions overseas to wildfire-fighting missions at home, it serves a diverse group of clients with the ability to successfully tailor its assets to the mission at hand. Retaining mission experience translates into hiring personnel that understand Precision’s scope of work; its operators and pilots are highly skilled veterans that have acquired first-hand military knowledge to not only operate an aircraft in a given field, but to integrate personally into the needs of the mission. Operators are also OEM certified from the manufacturer to provide certified training for the library of platforms and sensors Precision owns and operates. This wide spectrum of capabilities has given Precision the ability to partner with multiple manufacturers, government agencies, and end users to create a distinctive reputation as an effective small business within the industry.

DSF3517 1

Quantum Systems

Quantum-Systems is at the forefront of UAS development. Their Vector™, an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) system has become an industry leader in endurance, ease of operation, and reliability with a Trillium Engineering camera system onboard. Through this partnership, Trillium's light-weight HD40 has been used and tested on the Ukrainian battlefield, where its become a valuable asset for military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Tactical units count on the mission-critical information provided through the HD40's data assessment, imaging processing, EO/IR and AI capabilities.

Griffon Aero Valiant

Griffon Aerospace

Griffon Aerospace is known for its reliability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for military, government, and commercial applications. They continue to be a trusted partner in the rapidly evolving field of unmanned aerial systems. Equipped with Trillium’s HD80 on their Valiant VTOL, Griffon Aerospace is a top contender for the FTUAS Award for Increment 2 Option 1.

L3 Harris FVR 90


L3Harris Technologies develops cutting-edge products and services that enable mission-critical operations and enhance communication capabilities. With a legacy of technological expertise and a commitment to customer success, L3Harris Technologies continues to provide reliable and secure solutions with their FVR-90 integrated with Trillium’s HD80.

Sierra Nevada Corp Voly T

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Corporation has a proven track record in developing and delivering complex systems, ranging from spacecraft and satellite systems to military aircraft and intelligence solutions. Sierra Nevada Corporation carries Trillium’s HD80 on their FTUAS Increment 2 Option 1 UAS finalist Voly-T.

Aurora Flight Sciences SKIRON X

Aurora Flight Sciences

Aurora Flight Sciences is at the forefront of the unmanned systems revolution. Their latest Skiron Expeditionary (SKIRON-X) is equipped with Trillium’s HD55 EO/IR camera system. SKIRON-X offers a highly flexible payload system and Aurora also often uses the Trillium HD25 with a 3D-printed nose cone ballasted to match the weight of the HD55. ⁠

Trillium Spectre 3

Hoverfly Technologies

Hoverfly Technologies is a renowned company that specializes in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and drone technology. Their robust tether-powered drone system allows for long-duration flights, providing continuous power supply through a secure tether for persistent surveillance and monitoring. Hoverfly's commitment to innovation and customer-focused approach has established its position as a leading player in the drone technology industry.

S45 80 VV 510 SM

Hydra Technologies

Hydra Technologies is a leader in the design, manufacture, and operation of tactical unmanned aerial systems. Hydra’s platforms are designed to operate challenging environments that have little to no available infrastructure. The S45 Baalam is a battle proven and reliable TUAS for multi-mission operations. Equipped with the Trillium HD80 series it delivers critical, day and night intelligence.