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The HD95 represents Trillium's most advanced day/night camera system for today's tactical UAS. This lightweight, long range, dual EO-IR features a significant IR range increase and laser target designator.

The HD95-MVS-LD is an EO/IR gimbal meticulously crafted to meet the demanding Future Vertical Lift UAS requirements of the US Army. This gimbal prioritizes SWaP (size, weight, and power) optimization while delivering unparalleled aerial reconnaissance and imaging capabilities. Equipped with a global shutter EO camera, MWIR and SWIR thermal cameras, and adhering to STANAG 3733 compliance for laser target designation, the HD95-MVS-LD is at the forefront of advanced imaging technology. This comprehensive suite of sensors ensures exceptional image quality and target identification capabilities. The HD95-MVS-LD design focuses on achieving the optimal balance of size, weight, and power, enabling seamless integration into various UAS platforms. Its compact form factor allows for streamlined operation and enhanced mobility without compromising on performance.

CAM: 35.3992 -120.6111 ALT 444 m FOV 2.°
IMG: 35.3993 -120.6126 ALT 30 m RNG 63 ft
  • SWAP

    Size (WxH) 254 x 330mm

    Weight 7600g

    Power 35W average, 125W peak consumption

    Pan 360° Continuous

    Tilt -80° to 75°


    EO Visible 1280 x 720

    FOV 40.4° - 1.2°

    ZOOM 36X

    IR MWIR 640 x 512

    FOV 18.2° - 0.9°

    ZOOM 20X

    IR SWIR LTD See Spot

    FOV 5.7°

    ZOOM 1x


    Encoding Onboard h.265 compression with adjustable bitrate

    Stabilization Onboard electronic

    Tracking Onboard scene and target tracking

    Metadata MISB-compliant output including KLV metadata

    Upgrades Field upgradeable software


    Target Designator 50mJ/pulse power target designator, STANAG 3733 compliant

    Range Finder 1550NM laser, class 1: eye safe; 4.5 km max range

    Pointer 830nm laser, class IIIB, 190mW optical power


    GPS/INS IMU co-located with cameras. 0.5° (typical) total system accuracy

    Real time geopointing and geolocation

    Attitude, velocity and position computed at 200Hz

    Onboard GPS receiver or platform provided GPS compatible

    Dual GPS heading support

  • U.S. Army's Future Tactical UAS Mission to Use the HD95 Onboard the Aerosonde

    The HD95 was thoughtfully engineered to meet the U.S. Armys Future Vertical Lift requirements and chosen to be placed onboard the The Aerosonde HQ. Together they meet the aerial reconnaissance mission needs of the brigade combat team (BCT), while retaining two-soldier portability.

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  • Development Kit Trillium Engineering

    Development Kit

    The development kit contains everything you need to work with the gimbal on a bench including, an interface cable, a desktop power supply, and a GPS antenna. A development kit is recommended for all new purchases.

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