Maritime operations require clear and stable imagery that can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance, and search and rescue operations. Trillium provides a winning combination of precision imagery and object identification to serve this application and has assisted in drug interdiction and boat finding. 

Wide-area scanning, paired with target identification and precision imagery, delivered in potentially rough or turbulent conditions, makes Trillium gimbals ideal for maritime missions.

Maritime Search
HD80 AIM inset


Designed to meet the need of identifying unmarked vessels using wide area surveillance, the HD80-AIM combines WAS with an ISR capable system. This increases coverage area, while also providing detailed identification of a target on a single system. With the HD80-AIM onboard, actionable information can be captured in low contrast environments. 

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Key Features For Maritime Search

There are several key features that make our HD80 series great for marine surveillance and search applications. These include:

  1. Stabilization: Systems are stable (even in rough sea conditions), ensuring imagery remains clear and steady, for spotting targets and tracking movement.
  2. Imaging Quality: 20x cooled MWIR, with 30x optical zoom and a long focal length spotter EO camera, allows users to zoom in and identify small details in all lighting conditions. 
  3. Weather Resistance: Systems are able to withstand exposure to saltwater, humidity, and other harsh weather conditions that are common in marine environments.
  4. Range of Motion: Gimballed cameras rotate and tilt in all directions, providing a complete view of the surrounding area. This is important for surveillance and search operations where targets may be moving in unpredictable directions.
  5. Integration: Each unit is compatible with other sensors and systems used for marine surveillance and search, such as radar and sonar.