Trillium’s HD45 Used to Support ArgenTech Solutions Wildfire Monitoring Team

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Wildfires are a growing threat with devastating consequences to our environment and communities in the Pacific Northwest. In 2021, there were 4,075 incidents reported and over 1.5 million acres affected by fires within the boundaries of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, according to the Northwest Annual Fire Report created by Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. Over the last few years though, the firefighting community has become more efficient and effective in their efforts, by adding unmanned aerial systems (UAS) intelligence to their operations.

ArgenTech Solutions is a technology company that is playing a key role in addressing this threat through its innovative wildfire monitoring solutions. Their FireEye Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), carrying Trillium’s HD45 EO/IR imaging system, is responsible for delivering real-time information about the location, size, and intensity of wildfires. This UAS is able to scan large areas quickly, and through the advanced detection technology of the HD45, easily identify spot fires that could exist nearly a mile from the main fire. With this level of intelligence now readily available to fire management teams, authorities can make more informed decisions, in a timely manner that not only mitigates the damages caused by wildfires but maintains the safety of humans.

For example, in September 2022, the ArgenTech Solutions wildfire monitoring team provided coverage for the Cedar Creek wildfire in the Willamette National Forest near Oakridge, Oregon. The FireEye UAS with the HD45 EO/IR onboard, provided real-time fire line visual and infrared mapping, along with continuous observation for new fires caused by lightning. The pairing supplied the fire service with a unique tool to help reduce the risk for manned aviation assets when visibility was severely degraded.

Trillium Engineering’s HD45 camera is a high-definition imaging system that is capable of capturing clear and detailed images of wildfires from long distances. When in operation, this advanced gimbal has embedded video processing with electronic stabilization and scene tracking, onboard GPS/INS with real-time target location, and day/night operations through visible and thermal cameras. Its functionality allows for early detection of wildfires, which is critical for effective response and containment.

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