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The gimbal’s user interface is just as important as the hardware - an effective interface reduces workload, minimizes training, and allows missions to be executed flawlessly. Trillium’s SkyLink was designed with the operator in mind, emphasizing ease of use, stability, post-mission analysis, and compelling features.

Play Trillium Gimbal Target Tracking

Target Tracking

It takes more than hardware to successfully execute a mission; operators need an end-to-end slution with clean, intuitive control.


SkyLink is a fully integrated gimbal user interface that does not require additional implementation of communication protocol to get it to work with your system. Trillium imaging systems automatically utilize SkyLink software without further system configuration.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatically finds and connects to gimbals on the network or a serial port
  • Provides full control with an on screen joystick or hand controller
  • Displays a variety of telemetry overlaid onto the video
  • Allows for gimbal configuration including IP addressing and video compression rate
  • Allows for measurements right on the video and map including distance and bearing
  • Includes a variety of alarms to warn an operator when something isn’t right
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Skylink Measuring Tool

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Target Tracking with Picture in Picture

Skylink sets the standard for stability, frame-by-frame review, post-mission analysis, and class-leading geolocation.


  • Records video with embedded telemetry and KLV metadata
  • Recorded files can be replayed with all common video viewers
  • Playback within SkyLink shows all telemetry and map positions, allowing for detailed frame-by-frame flight review and analysis
Play Trillium MWIR Semi Truck Target Tracking

Target Tracking with MWIR


  • 3D map shows gimbal and image position in real time
  • Allows geo pointing with a simple double-click
  • Automatically downloads and caches imagery and terrain elevation data
  • Imports user provided map imagery and elevation data
  • Cursor on Target
  • Class leading Geolocation with TLE
  • Integration with AIS receiver
Play Trillium Target Tracking Speed

Target Position and Speed


Through Trillium’s advanced Splash-To-Target functionality and Target Location Estimator (TLE), defense applications have more precise target intelligence. Skylink’s TLE uses sensors and algorithms, to detect and track the target. In addition to the target’s position, Skylink also reports velocity, and other identifying characteristics that can be critical to a mission's success.

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Target Location Estimator 

Play Trillium Splash Target

Splash To Target with Measurement