Lockheed Stalker Drone Completes World Record 39-Hour Flight

Trillium Onboard Stalker1

A modified Lockheed Martin Stalker VXE drone completed a world record 39-hour flight with the Trillium HD40 gimbal on board. This flight was nearly five times longer than the average endurance of a fuel cell-operated Stalker and provided glimpses of the aircraft’s future potential for “scaled-up” missions.

The record-breaking drone was a production Stalker VXE configured with an external, wing-mounted fuel tank. The 39-hour, 17-minute, and 7-second flight is a record in the Group 2 unmanned aerial system category (5 to 25 kilograms or 11 to 55 pounds).

The baseline Stalker surveillance drone has been in service with the US Special Operations Command since 2006.

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