Trillium Engineering specializes in the design and production of gimbaled imaging systems for crewed and uncrewed aircraft. 

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Founded in 2013

Trillium Engineering was founded in 2013 by three engineers experienced in UAS payload design and deployment. With a shared passion for innovation and an intuitive eye for design, they set out to create a company that would deliver high-quality vision systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. Serving as the mission-enabling "eyes" of crewed and uncrewed, aircraft and ground systems, Trillium provides best-in-class stability and imagery. Whether its real-time geospatial or geolocation applications, in the visible or infrared spectrums, Trillium's comprehensive product line has it covered.

We believe that our ability to rapidly develop technology can make a real difference quickly by ensuring that our customers are equipped with the best tools available. Our goal is to help these organizations work toward a better global community.

Textron Systems FTUAS 80 Vv 510 in Flight

Growth & Values

Over the years, Trillium Engineering has grown significantly, employing some of the industry’s top talent and building a reputation for delivering innovative engineering solutions to even the most complex UAS challenges. Even with its rapid growth, and its 2021 majority shareholder investment from J.F. Lehman, the company remains focused on its founding principles of technical excellence, rapid development, teamwork, and customer satisfaction—all while maintaining its strong employee retention.

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Over the last ten years, Trillium's product line has become more diverse. Not only do they solve new UAS challenges, but they appeal to a much larger customer base. Today Trillium is widely recognized as a leading provider in gimbal innovations for Group 1, 2, and 3 UAS in the government, commercial and civil sectors. From the signature HD25, ideal for the micro UAS, to the new HD95 that accommodates the medium-altitude-long-endurance (MALE) UAS, Trillium’s product line continues to set the standard among platforms small and large.

New Trillium Office


Through the ongoing support from employees and customers, Trillium has bootstrapped a world-class development company in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Located in Hood River, Oregon, (the place where it all began) there is now a larger corporate office in the small, vibrant city known for it's scenery and recreational opportunities. The region is also home to numerous renewable energy and technology companies, making it a strong hub for innovation and sustainability.