Imaging options depend on the application and the desired level of detail and sensitivity needed. Trillium currently supports Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR imaging options.

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Visible & Thermal

Because each mission is unique, Trillium supports a wide variety of optics to fit mission requirements. Our systems package more focal length in a smaller footprint, giving the end user more imaging power. We size up our gimbal’s performance; HD80 resolves things that typically are resolved in the 10” and above size range. We like to think our units punch above their weight class.


Optics aren’t the only option to solve customer needs. To further enhance the capabilities of our systems, we also provide laser options ranging from target designators to pointers. Each laser has a specific application and is configured to fit certain gimbal sizes.

Target Designator

  • Currently available on our HD95, HD80 and HD55 series
  • Is utilized for munition communication
  • Beam provides coded laser pulses to laser guided munitions
  • NATO compliant

Range Finder

  • Can be found on our HD55 through HD95 series
  • Identifies distance to an object
  • Provides improved geolocation performance in rugged or urban environments.


  • Found on our HD40 through HD80 series
  • NVG compatible
  • Informs users as to what they should be looking at using a focused beam

Laser Target Marker

  • Available on our HD55 through HD95 series
  • With a lower power consumption, it minimizes power use on systems

Our systems relay crucial information such as movement, location and position of strategic targets. This information allows decision-makers to be more efficient and effective in the field.

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Onboard Processing

Trillium gimbals are a complete integrated system. This includes all the video processing power needed for actionable imagery. End users can expect the following onboard processing with every unit.

  • High-Def Object Tracking
  • Video Based Image Stabilization: electronic stabilization, scene tracking, target tracking, moving target tracking, onboard roll stabilization
  • H.264 or H.265 encoding (gimbal specific)
  • Low bandwidth option for Satellite operations
  • AI Based options for improved target detection, for midsized applications

Geolocation Performance

Knowing where you are and what you are looking at is imperative to operational success. Trillium has always taken an aggressive and serious stance on geolocation performance. We provide class leading Geolocation performance and CAT 1 capability. This can be utilized via GCS software, or hardware based on gimbal (55’s and 80’s – select).

Our Target Location Estimate Filter (TLE) – Corrects the disconnect between DTED and actual Geolocation information giving end users the ultimate location information real time. The TLE filter provides improved camera operation in low scene content situations, and provides detailed and accurate information for munitions.

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