Ground Systems

Trillium imaging systems can be used on military ground vehicles such as tanks and armored personnel carriers, as well as other unmanned systems. Due to the stabilized, high-quality imagery each system provides, each can be used in tasks for surveillance, reconnaissance, target tracking, and even weapon guidance. 

Our imaging systems can provide counter-UAS functions, as well as ISR and force protection capabilities. EO/IR configurations with long-range visibility warn ground personnel of threats such as weaponized UAS.

Ground Vehicle
Ground vehicle 1

Stable & Precise

Gimbal imaging systems offer a significant advantage over traditional imaging systems, as they provide a stable and precise view of the target even in challenging operational environments. This makes them an invaluable tool for military personnel who need to gather critical information and make important decisions in real time.



The HD45 is an EO/IR configuration with a 3x optical zoom visible camera and a 5x optical zoom uncooled LWIR camera. Due to its size, weight and performance the HD45 has been battle-field tested on a variety of military ground vehicles. 

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