Civil Systems

Trillium systems have a wide range of applications beyond tactical military use. Over the years, Trillium has been successful in assisting power line and rail way inspections, as well as wildland fire operations. Our systems have been proven to assist firefighters in their surveillance of emerging, and ongoing incidents. This additional real-time information allows teams to make sound decisions ensuring safety for people and property.

Line installers, repairers, track inspectors, firefighters and emergency ground teams all find great value in receiving real-time data from Trillium imaging systems. Not only are they more efficient in their decision-making, but they are also more effective.

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Overwatch aero 1

Overwatch Aero

The San Bernardino Country Fire Department uses the Trillium HD80-LV onboard the Overwatch Aero, LLC Group 1 UAS, to collect critical information to aid in emergency response situations.

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ArgenTech Solutions, Inc. internally developed FireEye UAS with Trillium HD-45 EO/IR camera provides real-time fire line visual and infrared mapping while checking for new fires caused by lightning. The use of UAS provides the fire service with a unique tool to help reduce the risk for manned aviation assets when visibility is severely degraded.

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