Trillium's HD80 and HD95 Onboard Textron System's Aerosonde

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Trillium Engineering is the industry-leading provider of actionable imagery for small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles' tactical operations. For the last nine years, Trillium has taken visual intelligence to the next level by rapidly developing a line of 6 gimballed cameras integrated with their Skyline interface software to be used by top competitors in the UAV industry.

Textron System's Aerosonde is one of the SUAVs to use Trillium's highly innovative gimbals. Aerosonde is designed to deliver reliable, multi-mission performance. The easy-to-launch and recovery trailer for constrained land and shipboard operations makes it equipped for any environment. It is fixed with simultaneous day/night full-motion video and communications relay. With the capability of interchangeable customer-selected payload, the Aerosonde has carried two of Trillium's gimbals – the HD80 and the recently released HD95.

Previously Trillium's largest gimbal, the HD80 is a high-performance, 8-inch class stabilized EO/IR camera system. There is an array of payload options including a 20x cooled MWIR camera and a 0.4° EO spotter camera. The embedded video processing has electronic stabilization, scene, and target tracking with an accurate real-time vehicle and target location through onboard GPS/INS. When necessary, an NVG-compatible 830nm laser pointer can be used for precise and discreet pointing. The combination of the Trillium HD80 and Textron System's Aerosonde has shown a remarkable level of clarity and stability through recorded flights, creating a reputation like no other.

The newly released HD95 takes actionable imagery to a new level. Created and designed for the Future Tactical UAS Mission (FTUAS) program for the United States Army, the HD95 was displayed on the Aerosonde at the 2022 Annual Meeting and Exposition. Images from this new gimbal are more reliable and actionable than ever before with the best-in-class 0.9 FOV MWIR camera and greater resolution. The optimization of the HD95 SWAP profile made it the perfect fit for the Aerosonde. It is slightly bigger in size than Trillium's other offered gimbals at 10 inches but has a remarkably low weight, allowing endurance to increase without losing optical performance for any UAV.

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