Anduril Ghost with Trillium's HD45-LV-CZ-GS Onboard

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The Trillium HD45-LV-CZ-GS is a high-performance, 4.5-inch class stabilized EO/IR camera system for Small Unmanned Vehicles. Its design is a combination of Trillium's other gimbals – the HD40 and the HD55. The HD45 has a lightweight and robust design similar to the HD 40 while maintaining the imaging capabilities of the HD55. When in operation, this advanced gimbal has embedded video processing with electronic stabilization and scene tracking, onboard GPS/INS with real time-time vehicle and target location, and day/night operations through visible and thermal cameras. It also has best-in-class stabilization through direct drive motors, offering outstanding imagery.

Anduril, a defense product company that builds technology for military agencies and border surveillance, has partnered with Trillium Engineering to use the HD45 on Ghost, an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) built and designed for military use. The combination of the HD45 and Ghost is currently used by service men and women to make informed decisions in the field.

The mission-ready Ghost has real-time intelligence, surveillance, and multi-mission reconnaissance capabilities, up to 55 minutes of continuous flight, and near-silent acoustics. The sUAS is programmed with artificial intelligence, Lattice OS, to bring indispensable aviation capabilities. The design of the Ghost makes it easy for payload integration and field maintenance to easily place the Trillium HD45 onboard. The single-rotor design makes it possible for vertical takeoff and precise landing in confined spaces.

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