Searching vast areas of ocean is difficult for human operators due to the repetitive and time-consuming nature of the task. This mission is better suited for Trillium's new HD80-AIM, a gimbaled imaging system designed for manned and unmanned aircraft, that combines autonomous image processing with artificial intelligence to reliably search an area, highlight potential targets and send to a human for assessment. 

The HD80-AIM is a far more efficient, effective and comprehensive way to conduct maritime search. Not only does it reduce operator workload, but it ultimately results in greater mission success.

Trillium HD80 AIM


The HD80-AIM provides an automated search function using three imagery bands visible, Near-IR, and Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) for robust target identification under all lighting conditions, sea state conditions, and both day/night operations.

Aerosonde Trillium HD80 AIM


THE HD80-AIM contains two primary FMV cameras including a 640x512 cooled MWIR camera with 10x optical zoom lens which provides a minimum field of view of 2.2 degrees and a 1080p visible camera with 36x optical zoom which provides a minimum field of view of 1.7 degrees. These cameras allow close inspection (day and night) of a vessel from ranges that avoid visible or audible detection of the host aircraft.

HD80 AIM v2


Designed from the base configuration of the HD80, the HD80-AIM includes the same core features:

  • Onboard GPS/INS – Accurate Gimbal and Target Location
  • Onboard Video Processing – Electronic Image Stabilization and Scene Tracking
  • Video and Control Over Ethernet – Single 10/100 connection
  • Direct Drive Motors with Proprietary Motion Control – Best in-class stability
  • MISB Compliant Video – H.264/H.265 Video and KLV Metadata
  • ITAR-Free Options


Successful maritime missions utilize a combination of AI and human expertise. The HD80-AIM's AI processes and analyzes large amounts of data, identifies potential targets, and prioritizes search areas. But it's the human searcher's expertise and contextual knowledge that's necessary to further analyze the data and make final judgments. See how the HD80-AIM combines these strengths to make maritime search operations more effectively and efficiently.

With the increase of illegal fishing, piracy, and search and rescue operations around the world, the HD80-AIM’s quick and comprehensive analysis greatly increases the success rate of maritime missions covering vast areas of open ocean.


1. Passive operations: HD80-AIM payload scans and detects objects of interest autonomously, and provides operators with image detections clips and geolocation for futher review.

2. 180 degree Field of Regard: HD80-AIM payload has continuous 360°Field of Regard with selectable scan sweep angles and percent image view of horizon.

3. GUI interfaces with common UAS workstations and require no additional operator hardware (monitors, keyboards etc.): HD80-AIM user interface Skylink-AIM runs on windows PC without any addition hardware.

4. GUI is intuitive and requires minimal operator training: Skylink-AIM UI runs on a Windows laptop and tablet providing users with point-and-click Maritime scan, detection, classification, and Full Motion Video for multiple targets. UI Maritime AIS receiver integration displays location and metadata transmitted from boat.

5. Greater than 90% Probability of Detection in Sea State 3: HD80-AIM detection AI algorithms are designed for operation in Sea State 5 conditions and is trained using actual sensor captures over a range of Sea State conditions.

6. Detect FAC/FIAC sized ship at 2NM and DDG size ship at 10NM: HD80-AIM detection algorithms are trained with a target minimum resolution of 5-10 Pixels on Target (PoT).

7. Track and geo-locate multiple targets simultaneously: HD80-AIM will detect/identify multiple targets of interest and provide target geolocation within the search area.

8. Search over 1000NM2 per hour at Group 2/3 UAS operational altitudes and speeds: UAS altitude 3000-6000ft AGL and airspeeds 50-60kts, HD80-AIM wide area search is 20-24NM diameter (5 PoT) for total coverage is 1000-1200 NM2/hr.

By delivering automated target detection and identification capabilities in a single payload, the HD80-AIM reduces a customer’s payload cost, payload weight, and need for a complex aircraft. The AIM’s fully integrated AI system dramatically increases efficiency and accuracy for maritime customers—ultimately improving mission success.

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