Trillium's HD80 Camera System and Martin UAV Supporting the Next-Generation of UAS Programs

Martin UAV V Bat 80 vv 510 on orange dirt

The US Navy selected a modified version of the Martin UAV's V-BAT 128 as a next-generation VTOL expeditionary platform. Onboard is Trillium's HD80 gimbaled camera system that is competitively priced, 8-inches in diameter, and provides the highest resolution for its size—making it the perfect fit for a tactical, Class 3 UAS.

The V-BAT excels at taking off and landing on both stationary and moving platforms in areas with a footprint smaller than 12-feet by 12-feet and provides interchangeable payloads to meet mission-specific requirements. (sUAS News)

"We look forward to supplying Martin UAV with a mix of our HD80 gimbaled camera systems for their V-BAT," said Jeff Hammitt, Program Manager at Trillium. "Competitively priced, the 8-inch-diameter HD80 is a perfect fit for tactical, Class 3 UAS and provides the highest resolution option for its size."

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