Trillium Skylink and Firmware: Version 1.9

Trillium HD25 2

1.9.11897 Firmware


  • Improved reliability for LV-CZ lenses
  • Onboard video rotation for Xcel video processor
  • Added support for 1080p video on supported gimbal variants
  • Support for on-board video MTI
  • Implemented digital zoom for HD80-VV-510
  • KLV metadata timing latency and jitter improvements
  • Added new motor control parameters for better stability tuning
  • Onboard TLE refinement estimation algorithm improvements
  • Improved error handling and logging
  • HD80-AIM: Added option to reduce bandwidth requirements
  • HD80-AIM: Better rejection of false-positive detections
  • HD80-AIM: Preview mode frame rate is now user configurable


  • Fixed an error with ntsc analog video when estab was disabled
  • Fixed an error in some terrain intersections based on internal DTED
  • Resolved Mavlink communication issue
  • Fixed video issues that could occur if a gimbal was downgraded to 1.5 and re-upgraded to 1.9
  • Fix where visible cameras were reporting an inaccurate FOV on camera switch

1.9.11897 SkyLink


  • Many updates for AIM gimbal operations. New settings, low bandwidth mode, image footprints and detect location icons on map.
  • Improved pan/tilt overlay to optionally show azimuth and elevation as well as pan/tilt limits.
  • Support for downloading gimbal error logs from the Software Update page.
  • Support for new .tpkz firmware file format that will push appropriate firmware to a gimbal based on its hardware type.
  • Support for video rotated onboard the gimbal.
  • Added bitrate selection to connection page.
  • Use unstabilized rate mode rather than position mode for ctrl-clicks on the video. This is so ctrl-click logic works as expected when onboard video roll compensation is enabled.
  • Moved gimbal connection messages to bottom of video display to not interfere with live video.
  • CSV output from live gimbal or replay now writes to C:/Trillium/OrionTelemetry_Analysis.csv
  • OrionUi - Support for new auxiliary stability controls.
  • OrionUi - Added checkbox for Network Settings low bandwidth mode.
  • OrionUi - Check "PlatForm Rotation" in OrionUi if a platform rotation preset other than default is selected.


  • CoT messages will now use same network adapter as gimbal comms.
  • Disabled map elevation data caching that could result in corrupted elevation tiles.
  • Fixed bug where Software Update page would state "Couldn't connect to the Gimbal's update server. Ensure no other clients are connected." when there's not actually an issue.

Trillium periodically updates its software and firmware for its gimbals. If you have any questions, or need help, please reach out to our support team!