Trillium Engineering Advances Splash-to-Target Capability with SkyLink Integration

HD45 LV CZ Camp Pendelton 1 Marine D Ivision Edge Stalker VXE 30 1 30 24

Trillium Engineering has recently elevated its Splash-to-Target capability to new heights through its proprietary SkyLink software. With the most recent software update, users can now designate specific geo-points as gun locations, with support for up to two active guns. Trillium’s SkyLink software aids users by providing overlay lines from the designated gun to a specified target, both on the video and the map.

In November 2023, Trillium Engineering visited the United States Marine Corps (USMC) at Camp Lejeune, NC, where the group showcased the capabilities of the Edge Autonomy Stalker VXE-30 Airframe with a Trillium HD45-LV-CZ. Following the successful demo, Trillium received valuable feedback from the USMC, driving further innovation and development. This demonstration marked the start of a collaborative effort to advance tactical operations with the Splash-to-Target feature.

The subsequent demo at Camp Pendleton in California in January 2024 tested the latest advancements, focusing on the updated Gun Target Line through the Splash-To-Target feature. The software update allows users to define two geo-located points and specify the gun to target angle, as well as determine the left/right or add/drop corrections, all from the gun's vantage point. Comprehensive calculations for the splash-to-target scenario from the perspective of any defined gun points are now available in NATO mils units alongside meters, providing enhanced clarity and precision in targeting calculations.

“The addition of the Splash-to-Target tool adds depth to the capabilities provided by our sUAS operators. The ability for them to be a player in the fire support workflow makes them a more capable asset for their supported unit.” Said Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Richard C. Gordineer, Instructor, Infantry Unit Leader Course
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion (AITB). “The way in which this tool provides the corrections is generally faster to process at the gunline compared to other comparable methods.”

Splash-to-Target with USMC

This capability, developed in response to the USMC's specific requirements, underscores the importance of Trillium's close relationship with its customers. The ability to swiftly incorporate requested features demonstrates Trillium's dedication to meeting the evolving needs of military professionals.

Trillium continues to refine its offerings, ensuring that users have access to the most advanced tools for mission success. As the landscape of defense and security evolves, Trillium remains at the forefront, driving innovation and delivering solutions that exceed expectations. With the latest updates to its Splash-to-Target capability, Trillium Engineering reaffirms its position as a leader in the field, providing cutting-edge technology that empowers users to achieve their objectives with confidence and precision.