Trillium SkyLink and Firmware Update: 24.1

Software Update
Trillium Software Update

Trillium's SkyLink software is crafted with the operator's ease of use in mind. It serves as an efficient interface that alleviates workload burdens and requires minimal training, enabling flawless execution of UAS missions. Among its remarkable features are automatic connections to other gimbals within. Its features include automatic connections to gimbals within the network, precise measurements derived from video feeds, Splash-to-Target functionality, and sophisticated distance/bearing mapping capabilities. Trillium Engineering’s software team consistently raises the bar, swiftly rolling out enhancements and pioneering innovations.

Version 24.1 is the next major firmware update from 23.2. This release supports all Trillium gimbal types and uses our updated convention for software release numbering (year, major release number, unique ID number).

Downloads are available through the Integration Documents page.

24.1.13509 Gimbal Firmware

New Features and Improvements:

  • Gimbal MAC address will persist between power cycles
  • Laser temperature reporting
  • OrionSDK Changes:
    • TleStatus and TleCommand packets are now public
    • TrackOptions packet becomes public
    • Created a new SDK example for changing object track size using TrackOptions packet
    • Fixed build issue related to FFMPEG linking in VideoPlayer example
    • Add a check for special flags in double precision KLV tags in VideoPlayer example
  • Geolocation service is enabled by default on gimbals that support it

24.1.13509 SkyLink

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added LD Armed and Active to SkyLink CSV outputs
  • Laser Temperature reports in system telemetry tab
  • Update SkyLink to include GeoJSON RFC7946 formatted file for snapshots
  • Added an indication when turning off/on fine pan or tilt with a XBox controller
  • When commanding Geopoint mode by double-clicking the map, the gimbal will stay in Geopoint mode rather than returning to Scene mode
  • SkyLink and OrionUi can optionally search all system network adapters including loopback
  • OrionUi - Added ability to edit orionconfig files without a gimbal
  • Stability Test Suite (STS) added for vibration testing from OrionUi or standalone

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