Trillium SkyLink, Firmware, and AIM Update: 23.2

Software Update
Road with SW

With innovation as a core value and founding principle, Trillium continually looks for improvements in its products, including software. Trillium updates its software and firmware regularly to incorporate needed bug fixes and offer new features for a better user experience. We’ve highlighted some of the new key features in this release.

Version 23.2 is the newest firmware update from 23.1. It supports all gimbal types.

Downloads are available through the Integration Documents page.

SkyLink Feature updates 23.2.13166

  • Draw range circles at fixed distances centered on the plane in the map.
  • Added Gun-To-Target which allows defining artillery position and heading to improve measurements and situational awareness.
  • Added ability to review all snapshots for current day with SkyLink.
  • Added Azimuth line support to Geopoints.

Orion UI Firmware 23.2.13166

  • Block 2 sensor and lens support
  • SLA Library upgrade for tracking and AIM
  • LD now can apply offsets to tracker
  • Update Wepilot integration to work with V1.9

AIM features 23.2.13166

  • SkyLink is actively looking for an AIM connection
  • Sea State moved server side
  • Blob detect reset implemented
  • Continuous capture moved gimbal side
  • Geopoint drops to correct place from filtered list
  • SkyLink can connect to either gimbal IP or input IP
  • SkyLink has an AIM settings dialog
  • Onboard recording added to AIM
  • Shows track list by ID
  • Filter detections based on Classifier
  • Scan mode improvements
  • Enable gimbals without NIR camera to run AIM missions
  • 3rd party classifier interfaces