Trillium SkyLink, Firmware, and AIM Update: 23.1.12907

Trillium Engineering Brand 1

Designed with the operator in mind, Trillium’s SkyLink software is an effective interface that reduces the workload, requires minimal training, and allows UAS missions to be executed flawlessly. Over the last 10 years, Trillium has taken great pride in creating a gimbal interface with profound functionality. From automatically connecting to other gimbals on the network, taking exact measurements from the video, and mapping distance/ bearings, Trillium engineers continue to raise the bar in gimbal software, by rapidly releasing improvements and new innovations.

Version 23.1 is the next major firmware update from 22.3. This release supports all Trillium gimbal types and represents the new convention in software release numbering.

Downloads are available through the Integration Documents page as usual.

23.1.12907 Gimbal Firmware

New Features and Improvements:

  • Laser designator see spot support added
  • Stability Test Suite support.

23.1.12907 SkyLink

New Features and Improvements:

  • Rig test data and time added to output in OrionUi
  • SkyLink is able to get major revision web updates
  • Laser designator support to command fire continuously to keep watchdog timeout from triggering
  • PIP controls added to SkyLink
  • SkyLink Controls added for low bandwidth mode
  • Fixed bug on Connection Dialog where clicking connect button at the top of the page didn't apply video settings in some cases
  • Fixed bug where keyboard shortcuts wouldn't work after entering PRF code or laser password

23.1.12907 AIM

New Features and Improvements:

  • UI updates for smoother user workflow
  • Improved NIR Camera presets
  • Classifier identified by named type

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