Trillium Engineering releases lightweight, high-performance gimbals with Laser Designator capability.

23 05 03 Trillium SOF 2880x1620

HOOD RIVER, OR, May 8, 2023 - Trillium Engineering, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality imaging systems for manned and unmanned aircraft has added a STANAG Compliant 50mJ laser designator to three of their flagship products: the HD95, HD80, and HD55. By adding the laser-designator feature to these Group 2 and Group 3 sensor payloads, Trillium is now able to support the needs of tactical surveillance operators and missions requiring laser designation.

“Trillium gimbals are changing the way the warfighter can operate in the field,” said Matt Carreon, Trillium’s VP of Business Development. “Lightweight gimbals attaining CAT-1 target accuracy with a laser designator significantly enables the Group 2 and 3 UAS in the battlefield for our warfighter.”

Trillium’s largest and most advanced sensor, the 10” HD95 gimbal includes a 20x optical zoom MWIR, 36x optical zoom EO, SWIR See Spot Camera, Laser Pointer, Laser Range Finder, and Laser Designator. Developed to meet the US Army’s FTUAS requirements, this 10” gimbal increases MWIR focal length from 375mm to 600mm and features best-in-class capability at only 16lb.

The 8” HD80, is a lightweight, high-performance camera gimbal with 15x optical zoom MWIR camera, 30x optical zoom EO camera, SWIR See Spot Camera, Laser Point, Laser Designator, and optional Laser Range Finder. The combination of low weight at less than 11lb and high sensor capability makes this an ideal camera for a group 3 UAS wanting high capability and long endurance.

The smallest camera system with a LD offering by Trillium is the 6.5” HD55, features 3x optical zoom MWIR camera, 10x EO camera, SWIR See Spot Camera, Laser Pointer, Laser Range Finder, and STANAG compliant 50mj Laser Designator. At just 6.5” and less than 6 pounds, the HD55 provides capabilities to a Group 2 UAS usually only available in the larger Group 3 and 4 UAS payloads.

All of Trillium’s products retain their intuitive plug-and-play features onboard: GPS/INS, highly advanced video processing, direct drive motion control for best-in-class stability, and the ability to provide MISB-compliant video in h.264 and h.265. Trillium’s gimbals are also able to achieve CAT-1 geolocation accuracy onboard the gimbal.

For the full list of features visit the following links: HD95, HD80, HD55.